We explore

• The role of tenderness and attention in daily activities such as diapering, feeding and bathing

• Gaining knowledge through observation.

• How to create a nurturing environment that makes life amazing for you and your child!

• Why it’s important to allow babies to move freely, unconstrained, and develop at their own pace.

• Uninterrupted playtime: what it means to the life of the child and how it benefits the adult.

• Rhythms of the day and how they relate to discipline.

  1. Healthy, peaceful relationships.

.... and more


Classes are organized by stage of development:

  1. infants from 6 weeks of age

  2. crawling babies

  3. young walking babies

  4. toddlers

In each class

Children are able to move freely and explore in a safe,

challenging and beautiful space with other children  

at the same stage of development.

• The room is filled  

with handmade toys, different natural materials

and objects from nature.

Parents come together in a supportive environment. 

• Relax in a comfortable space.

• Ask questions, share concerns and enjoy discussion.

• Have the opportunity to cultivate the art of observation and discover what it can reveal about your child and yourself.


Classes meet once a week

in series of eight

Classes are ongoing.

Families are invited to join

any time space is available.

Tuition assistance available.

These classes are based on the work of

Magda Gerber (RIE   ), Dr. Emmi Pikler (Pikler Institute),       

complemented by insights from Waldorf Early Childhood Education.





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